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Death Makes No Distinction Blog Tour - 25 November to 1 December 2019

  Seven Days – Twenty One Blogs! Death Makes No Distinction is on a blog tour this week. The novel is the third in the Dan Foster Mystery series, which follows the fortunes and cases of Bow Street Runner and amateur pugilist, Dan Foster. When Dan’s old rival, John Townsend, requests Dan’s help to investigate the murder of a former mistress of the Prince of Wales, Dan is ordered to abandon the case he was working on – the murder of a beggar woman, found savagely murdered in the outhouse of a London tavern. Dan won’t let the death of an unknown woman go unavenged, and is determined to get to the bottom of both murders. But as his enquiries take him into both the richest and the foulest places in London, and Townsend’s real reason for requesting his help gradually becomes clear, Dan is forced to face a shocking new reality when the people he loves are targeted by a shadowy and merciless adversary… Find out more by joining the Death Makes No Distinction Blog Tour