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My Month in Books: September 2021

This month it's vampires and classicists - two groups I don't usually mix with! - with Nicole Jarvis's exciting historical fantasy The Lights of Pragu e, and Mary Beard's autobiographical enquiry, The Invention of Jane Ellen Harrison . The Lights of Prague , Nicole Jarvis (Titan Books, 2021) Vampire books are not one of my usual genres – the only other one I’ve read is Bram Stoker’s Dracula . I was drawn to The Lights of Prague because – well – it’s got Prague in the title. I visited the city a few years ago and was very taken with it. It seemed an intriguing place for a story about ghosts and monsters. I liked the cover, I thought the story sounded interesting, and it’s fun to try something new. A night-time Prague only partially lit by gas lamps is a fantastic setting, and when you add in the underground city you couldn’t wish for anything darker, more shadowy, and more menacing. For the first few chapters I thought it was a brilliant idea to imagine a city bel