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Inspiration on the Road

I'm delighted to welcome Amy Morse as my guest blogger today... Amy Morse is an Author + entrepreneur = Authorpreneur.   She writes fiction as Amy C Fitzjohn and has published three novels: The Bronze Box , Solomon’s Secrets and Gabriel’s Game .  A my is also a freelance Business Coach, providing business skills for creatives in the form of; 1:1 coaching and workshops. She is an avid blogger, engaging public speaker and is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and be better at business. Writers find inspiration in many places. We observe and create stories from the small things we see and experience as we travel through life. Often, the spark of inspiration comes from two words: what if… It was visiting the Archaeological Museum in Varna, Bulgaria and seeing the amazing finds discovered at the Varna Necropolis that prompted me to ask ‘What if?’ What if something mysterious and dangerous was unearthed by archaeologi