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The Royale, Bush Theatre, London

When men campaigning for parliamentary reform in the eighteenth century planned to hold public meetings in defiance of government attempts to silence them, they were warned that they would be responsible for any bloodshed that resulted. When the suffragettes fought back against the government’s refusal to grant women the vote, they were blamed for antagonising the opposition and bringing their brutal treatment on themselves. And when Jay “The Sport” Jackson, the protagonist of The Royale , steps into the boxing ring to fight the white heavyweight champion of the world, it is with his sister’s warning ringing in his ears: if he wins, he’s going to get African-American people killed.  In Marco Ramirez’s brilliant play, we see Jackson struggle to balance his personal desire to beat the fighter known as “the great White Hope” against the threat of widespread reprisals. For this is America in the age of Jim Crow – racial segregation – and it’s been a struggle to even get the reigning

The Bristol Suffragettes

To celebrate the   release of the SilverWood Selection Box, Lucienne Boyce answers some “frequently asked questions” about how she came to write The Bristol Suffragettes ...    SilverWood Books have put together a selection of tasters from books by ten of their authors. The SilverWood Selection Box , which is available as a free ebook, contains an amazing pick of genres, with extracts from historical and fantasy novelist Helen Hollick's advice for authors, Dave Ebsworth's Spanish Civil War novel, poems by Michael Brown, Roman-nut Alison Morton's alternative fiction, time slip by Anna Belfrage, Iceland-obsessed Edward Hancox, Adrian Churchward's political thriller, serving police offer Sandy Osborne's romantic comedy about a girl cop, and Harvey Black's Cold War series. And, of course, I’m delighted to say, The Bristol Suffragette s, which is a history of the suffragette campaign in Bristol and the West Country. At the end of this blog, you will