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Writing Tough Heroines in a Different Way

Author Photo Rebecca Millar Photography I'm delighted to welcome self-confessed 'Roman Nut' Alison Morton to my blog today. Alison is the author of the stunning Roma Nova series - you can find out more about the books below. Heroines don't come much feistier than Alison's protagonists - but what makes a feisty heroine? And can you have a feisty hero? ‘Tough’, ‘feisty’, ‘kick-ass’ – clich├ęs, ironic words or signposts? And, provocative question, would you apply them to men? Perhaps the first one and possibly the third, but I can’t remember reading about a ‘feisty hero’.   But what is a tough heroine?    Boudica , queen of the British Iceni tribe who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire? Jane Eyre, whose strength of will and character drive her to survive challenges in her life? Violette Szabo, a true story immortalised in Carve her Name with Pride – courageous, understated, self-sacrificing? Cloelia, a Roman