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From Roman Fact to Roman Fiction

Yesterday, 19 October 2013, was the first of two free Meet the Historians events which have been organised for the Historical Novel Society to take place during the Bristol Literature Festival. From Roman Fact to Fiction was one of a number of events associated with the Bristol Museum’s Roman Empire: Power and People exhibition (on until 12 January 2014).    Gail Boyle is Senior Collections Officer (Archaeology) for Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives , and the curator of Roman Empire: Power and People . She gave a fascinating talk comparing and contrasting how authors of historical novels and experts in a museum context weave stories around objects.    Ben Kane is the author of rip-roaring action novels about Spartacus, Hannibal and first-century BC Rome. He told us about his recent walk along the length of Hadrian’s Wall, wearing full Roman military kit. This included hobnailed boots – which he brought with him! The walk raised almost £19,000 for charity.    Manda