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Women's Will Beats Asquith's Won't

On 12 November 1911 I wrote a blog about Constance Maud’s 1911 suffragette novel No Surrender , republished by Persephone Press. I picked out the events described in Chapter IX, where three women accost cabinet ministers during a village church service. I suggested that this episode might be related to a real incident in Lympne, Kent on 5 September 1909, when Prime Minister Asquith was accosted by Elsie Howey, Vera Wentworth, and Jessie Kenney. I wondered “if Maud had this incident in mind when she wrote her novel. Perhaps there is another minister-accosting-at-church incident I don’t know about…The point is that what took place in reality at Lympne was much more violent than the gently amusing incident Maud presents in her story.” I’ve now discovered that there was another minister-accosting-at-church-incident involving Asquith prior to the Lympne attack, and from the details it seems that this is a more likely inspiration for the incident in the novel. It took place in Clovelly,