Monday, April 16, 2012

Save the Women's Library

Friends of the Women's Library received an email today updating them on the position with regard to London Metropolitan University's announcement on Wednesday 14 March that they will be seeking a new home, custodian or sponsor of The Women’s Library’s collections. For the announcement see

The Women’s Library is now seeking a new home. If it does not find one by December 2012 it will have to drastically cut its opening hours to one day a week for three years, with a review of the situation thereafter. The email, from the Executive Secretary of the Women’s Library, states that, “The position of the Library is very serious indeed”.

The Women’s Library is a vital resource for anyone interested in women’s history. Arguments in support of why it should be saved can be found at the Save the Women’s Library blog by the London Metropolitan University Branch of Unison -

What we can do:-

Sign the “Rudi’s Save Our Libraries Campaign” started by a member of library staff at the University, which includes a petition on the care2 petition site - - it has attracted over 5,500 signatures to date.

If you are not already a Friend of the Women’s Library, become one now! It’s only £15 a year. See

Attend the AGM of the Friends of the Women’s Library on 28 June when the Deputy Chief Executive of the University, Paul Bowler, will be attending to bring us up to date on developments.

If you have any suggestions of potential custodians of the Women’s Library email the Women’s Library:

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