Saturday, March 6, 2010

Good things come

Fill in the missing word:-

They also serve who stand and -
Good things come to those who -
- in the wings

I’ll accept “wait” but the word I was looking for was “write”. I know, you won’t find “write” listed under “wait” in your thesaurus but that’s Roget’s oversight, not mine. I’m convinced that writing and waiting are synonymous. Not in the sense of sitting down and waiting for inspiration. Who needs to wait for words who is a writer? But if you write you do wait. I think that what you need to be a writer is masses of patience and faith in your own longevity.

It seems to take ages to finish your book because you want to wait until it’s as good as you can make it before you send it out. So you leave it to one side, a few weeks here, a few weeks there (while you start the next one of course). When you think it’s had long enough you read it and wait for the despair to pass. This happens after nail-gnawing days and teeth-grinding nights when you suddenly realise what’s wrong with it and what you can do to put it right. You start again. You do this several times.

At last the book seems as ready as it will ever be and you submit it to an agent or publisher. You wait three to six months for a response. It comes back; the agents are encouraging but it’s not for them. So you send it out again and wait…and again…until at last you get a publishing deal. The long wait is over! Life can begin! You are a writer at last!

Then you wait. A year passes. A year and a half. (Though of course you have nearly finished the other novel and you’re thinking about the one after that.) But good things do come to those who. Lovely Myrmidon Books are going to publish my novel, To The Fair Land. It’s set in the eighteenth century and is about a voyage of discovery to a mythical Fair Land rivalling Captain Cook’s.

I can’t wait! But while I do maybe you would like to wait with me. Think of this blog as rifling through a tatty old magazine in a dentist’s waiting room and reading little snippets about books and writing and reading. After all, when you go to the dentist the waiting is usually the best bit.

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  1. Good to see you blogging again, Lucienne. Having waited with you for publication of "To The Fair Land", I'm more pleased than words can say that it's now imminent!